Myla Rae Wood Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr. Princess interview with World Class Princess Magazine.

World Class Princess Magazine would like to welcome outstanding Princess Myla Rae Wood Virginia Jr Princess 2017.
We are talking to Myla and her mom Alexandria.

Name: Myla Rae Wood
Title: Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr. Princess
Pageant: USA National Miss
Age: 5
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Hobbies: Reading, singing and dancing
Favorite color: Pink
Years competed: 4 years
Likes: French fries, broccoli, asparagus, rice, sushi, Sweet Frog, dancing, singing, having tea parties and PAGEANTS
Dislikes: Mommy going to work and when people don’t pay attention while I’m singing

World Class Princess Magazine: Hello Myla, thank you for taking the time to Interview with us.  Tell us about yourself.
Myla: I am a nice person. I like to smile and laugh because I like to be happy all the time. I love rainbows, hearts and wearing bows because God gave them to us so that we can be happy. I like to be a good community helper. So, volunteering and doing community service is how I show people that I love to help. And oh yeah, I really love animals! I wish I had a puppy and a bunny. They are so soft and cuddly and they just love you so much and make your heart feel so good. I wish everybody could have a pet to love. Maybe, then people would be happy and everyone could be nice to each other.

World Class Princess Magazine: Tell us about your pageant history.
Myla: I have been competing since I was only a year old. I began with the Tiny Miss pageant system where I won the Wee Baby Supreme title.  Eventually, I branched out into many other pageant systems. I love doing glitz because of the over the top performances, the sparkly cupcake dresses, and the big hair and make-up. But what I love most about winning natural pageant titles is the community service work I get to do. I now hold over 20 titles and look forward to receiving many more.

World Class Princess Magazine: I think you have the most beautiful crown in the world.  Tell us what you love about it?
Thank you! I love it very much! It’s so sparkly and beautiful and doesn’t hurt my head. But, most of all, when I wear my crown I feel like a beautiful princess. And everyone knows that beautiful princesses are good on the inside and outside. So, wearing my crown always reminds me to let my heart shine.

World Class Princess Magazine: What does the title Commonwealth of Virginia Jr. Princess 2017 mean to you?
This title means a lot to me and my family. Actually, there’s a funny story about how I received it. Only days before the UNM state pageant my mommy decided to enter me into the competition. We had very little time for preparation, but I was determined to do my best and to have fun doing it. After two long days of competition and rehearsals, it was awards day; and when it was time to announce the winner of my age division my name was not called. This was very surprising to my family because I did not even place as a runner up. Somehow, my scores had not been tallied with the other contestants. Turns out, there was a tie for first place. I was given my title and will join my new sister queens at the national pageant in July! So, because of the highs and lows during this journey, I think, this title means a bit more than the others.

World Class Princess Magazine: What is your favorite part of the pageant?
My favorite part is meeting my sister queens. I love making new friends!

World Class Princess Magazine: Every Princess needs a dress.  Tell us about your dress.
I wore a long, ivory and gold sparkly gown to this pageant. It is one of my favorites and I felt beautiful in it! But, my very favorite dress is a pink cupcake dress. It has lots and lots of sparkles which I love. Even though, I love pink and I look beautiful in it – I don’t like when my mommy has to tie the back.

World Class Princess Magazine: Which part of the competition is your favorite?
I really enjoy talent. I love singing and dancing. My favorite song to perform is “Fly to your heart” by Selena Gomez. It is from one of my favorite movies, “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure”. Near the end of the song I begin to flap my arms like I’m flying and then I turn on my fairy wings (that my wonderful grandpa put an on/off switch on) and the crowd loves that my wings begin to flap.

World Class Princess Magazine: Did you make any new friends while competing?
Yes, my new partner sister queen is Olive. She is the Jr. Princess that I tied with. She is so much fun and very nice. I also got to see a lot of my old sister queens while competing and I’m honored to reign with them for another year!

World Class Princess Magazine: How often do you practice for the competition?
I usually practice 2-3 times a week. But when there is a pageant coming up I practice every day and I love it! A girls got to be prepared!

World Class Princess Magazine: Were you nervous during the competition?
I love being on stage and having all eyes on me. And with the UNM family being so great and supportive I’m sure that takes a lot or the pressure off all the girls. However, I am usually pretty relaxed and calm during the entire competition.

World Class Princess Magazine: What was your reaction when you heard your name as a winner?
When my mommy told me the news after being contacted by the director I was super duper excited that I would be able to spend time with my new sister queens.

World Class Princess Magazine: Tell us what was the most exciting part of the competition for you?
I am always excited to perform for the judges and the audience. But when I am done performing I get really excited when the audience claps for me.

World Class Princess Magazine: Who is going to be your lifetime friend from the competition?
I think – me and Alyssa Mawyer will be friends forever. We have competed in a few of the same pageants and I just love running into her. Alyssa is a lot of fun to hang out with and she is a great dance partner.

World Class Princess Magazine: Why do you want to be a Princess?
I want the be a princess because I am a princess. Mommy says, I’ve always been a princess. So, of course, that’s what I want to be. I love the entire process of competing. I like getting all dolled up and getting my hair done. I also love being in the spotlight and performing. I enjoy meeting people all the time. Especially, during my reign. But being a princess is so much more than the just glitz and the glamour. I must admit that I get super excited whenever Mommy says I have a community service project to do. Because a real princess is always willing to serve and serving is what I do best!

World Class Princess Magazine: What do people say when they see your crown?
My favorite crown comment is when someone says “oh wow, are you a real queen?”

World Class Princess Magazine: How has competing in pageants helped your life?
Competing has helped cultivate what Mommy says has always been in me. I’ve always been a friendly and extroverted person. So, pageantry has nurtured those desirable qualities. I’ve competed in a number of pageants where interviews were required at the age of four. The interview prep process has helped me become more well spoken. Adults often comment on how well spoken I am and are usually very surprised by the conversations I am able to hold. Even though Mommy thinks I talk too much, I am happy to have the gift of gab.

World Class Princess Magazine: What is your favorite color and why?
Pink is my favorite color and is the best because it’s so girly and pretty. There’s so much you can do with the color pink and I look great in it.

World Class Princess Magazine: What appearances do you plan on doing this year?
I plan to make appearances at more fashion shows and pageants. But I will also be participating in a lot more charity runs. Last month was my first time running a 1/2 mile for a charity and I loved it. Since then I have run in two more races and look forward to doing more for the remainder of my reign. I will also be volunteering and making appearances at some of the following events: Historic Marine Half, Princess Ball, Greek Festival, Illuminations of Fredericksburg, Bishop’s 5k & 10k and Spotsylvania Parade.

World Class Princess Magazine: What would you like to say to your mom for all her help?
I’d like to say thank you grandma, grandpa and mommy for taking me to fun pageants, buying me sparkly dresses and helping me meet new friends. I love you grandpa, grandma and mommy.

World Class Princess Magazine: Who do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a good person and fight crime. But in my spare time, I want to be an engineer. I look forward to you riding my rollercoasters at Disney World one day!

World Class Princess Magazine would like to say thank you to outstanding Princess Myla Rae Wood Virginia Jr Princess 2017 and her mom for this amazing interview.

Editor Derek Tokarzewski

World Class Princess Magazine, Myla Rae Wood, Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr Princess
World Class Princess Magazine, Myla Rae Wood, Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr Princess, Photo by Ladybj Johnson
World Class Princess Magazine, Myla Rae Wood, Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr Princess
World Class Princess Magazine, Myla Rae Wood, Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr Princess, Photo by Ladybj Johnson
World Class Princess Magazine, Myla Rae Wood, Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr Princess
World Class Princess Magazine, Myla Rae Wood, Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr Princess, Photo by Ladybj Johnson
World Class Princess Magazine, Myla Rae Wood, Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr Princess
World Class Princess Magazine, Myla Rae Wood, Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr Princess, Photo by Ladybj Johnson
World Class Princess Magazine, Myla Rae Wood, Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr Princess
World Class Princess Magazine, Myla Rae Wood, Miss Commonwealth of Virginia Jr Princess, Photo by Ladybj Johnson

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