Aubrie Elaine Perrone Miss Real Girls USA interview with World Class Princess Magazine.

World Class Princess Magazine would like to welcome outstanding Princess Aubrie Elaine Perrone Miss Real Girls USA.
We are talking to Aubrie and her mom Roberta.
Name: Aubrie Elaine Perrone
Title and Year: 2017 Little Miss Real Girls USA
Pageant: Real Girls USA
Age: 4
Zodiac sign: Libra
Hobbies: Dance, Volunteering and reading
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Puppies
Years competed: 2
Likes: Mac & Cheese and sleeping on the floor
Dislikes: Staying within the lines
World Class Princess Magazine: Hello Aubrie, thank you for taking the time to Interview with us.  Tell us about yourself.
Aubrie: I am 4 years old, love to dance and spend time with my family. I have a little brother, who is 2 and always getting me into trouble. I love working with my mommy at the shop and driving my car, when its not raining. This next year I will start competition dance and I am so excited. I also love to swim and go to the beach.
World Class Princess Magazine: Tell us about your pageant history.
Aubrie: Ever since I was born my mommy brought me to pageants to cheer on our friends as they competed, both locally and nationally, so you could say I was born into it. At 3 my mommy asked if I would want to do a pageant and of course I said yes! Mommy signed me up for the America’s Little Miss Washington County pageant and I got 2nd Runner Up! After that I went on to compete at the state level and got the Supreme Beauty Title. I was so excited. In June of 2016 I competed in the Miss AmeriQueen National Pageant and was so excited to win the title of their 2016 Tiny Miss AmeriQueen Beauty. I have also competed locally in the Little Miss United States this past year. And just recently I competed with Real Girls USA National online photo competion and won my current title of Mini Miss Real Girls USA.
World Class Princess Magazine: I think you have the most beautiful crown in the world. Tell us what do you love about it?
Aubrie: I love to wear my crown because it sparkles.
World Class Princess Magazine: Why did you want to win Miss Real Girls USA?
Aubrie: Real Girls USA is an online natural photo contest that focuses on the natural beauty from within. They are a system that promotes community service and giving back. They are a community that is uplifting to others. They are a family and we couldn’t be more proud to be apart of that family.
World Class Princess Magazine: What is your favorite part of the pageant?
Aubrie: I love the walk and holding the microphone.
World Class Princess Magazine: Every Princess needs a dress.  Tell us about your dress.
Aubrie: My new dress is one of a kind, mommy helped design it! It’s pretty and makes me feel like a princess. My favorite part of the dress is twirling in it.
World Class Princess Magazine: Which part of the competition is your favorite?
Aubrie: The pretty dresses is my favorite part. AKA Formal Wear.
World Class Princess Magazine: Did you made any new friends while competing? 
Aubrie: Making new friends is the best part of competing. I have made friends from TX to MN, even across the world. We all support each other and grow with each other.
World Class Princess Magazine: How often do you practice for the competition?
Aubrie: Mommy and I practice together so much during the week, I also have formal practice every other week with my favorite coach! She is pretty amazing!
World Class Princess Magazine: Were you nervous during the competition?
Aubrie: Not at all – I look for my mommy and I know I can do this!
World Class Princess Magazine: What was your reaction when you heard your name as a winner?
Aubrie: Mommy came to tell me and I was so happy. I smiled so big and couldn’t believe they had picked me!
World Class Princess Magazine: Tell us what was the most exciting part of the competition for you?
Aubrie: Talking into the microphone.
World Class Princess Magazine: Who is going to be your lifetime friend from the competition?
Aubrie: Daphnie
World Class Princess Magazine: Why do you want to be a Princess?
Aubrie: Because I like pageants and dance. I love being able to make a difference and show others that you don’t have to be big to make a difference.
World Class Princess Magazine: What do people say when they see your crown?
Aubrie: “How Beautiful” ~ “What a beautiful princess”
World Class Princess Magazine: How did competing in pageants helped your life?
Aubrie: As Aubrie’s mom, I have seen her grow in more ways that I could have ever imagined. She is confident without yelling, strong without bullying, kind and so loving. She is always cheering her friends on and when she doesn’t “win” the crown she does it with a smile and a hug for the winner. She doesn’t see differences in people, just people. She loves unconditionally and she gives without wanting in return. Without pageants she wouldn’t be the little 4 year old she is today!
World Class Princess Magazine: What is your favorite color and why?
Aubrie: The Rainbow
World Class Princess Magazine: What appearances do you plan on doing this year?
Aubrie: This year is going to be so fun, we will be cheering on our friends as they compete at Dream Girls USA in June, lots of parades in the summer and so much volunteering. We will be continuing our support of the K-9 Care Packages foundation that sends care packages to puppys and dogs that are actively serving. To date we have raised over $200 for the cause. We are working on a community service event where we will pack care packages for those less fortunate. We will be walking with our friends in the Epilepsy Walk, Pacers’ AnitBulling Walk, JDRF Walk and many more. In this next year I hope to inspire those that are young and show them that even at 4 you can have an impact and make a difference!
World Class Princess Magazine: What would you like to say to your mom for all her help?
Aubrie: “Thank You and I Love You!”
World Class Princess Magazine: Who do you want to be when you grow up?
Aubrie: A Doctor Mommy
World Class Princess Magazine: What title do you want to win next?
Aubrie: I am looking forward to competing in the Miss American Diamonds pageant this September and would love to become your Little Miss American Diamonds, but for now I am just happy being the best me I can be.
World Class Princess Magazine would like to say thank you to outstanding Princess Aubrie Elaine Perrone Miss Real Girls USA for this wonderful interview.
Editor Derek Tokarzewski
World Class Princess Magazine, Aubrie Elaine Perrone, Miss Real Girls USA
World Class Princess Magazine, Aubrie Elaine Perrone, Miss Real Girls USA
World Class Princess Magazine, Aubrie Elaine Perrone, Miss Real Girls USA
World Class Princess Magazine, Aubrie Elaine Perrone, Miss Real Girls USA
World Class Princess Magazine, Aubrie Elaine Perrone, Miss Real Girls USA
World Class Princess Magazine, Aubrie Elaine Perrone, Miss Real Girls USA

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