Georgia Danielle Guillory 2017 Miss California Preteen interview with World Class Princess Magazine.

World Class Princess Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen, Georgia Guillory USA National Miss California Preteen 2017

Full name
:  Georgia Danielle Guillory
Title/Year:  2017 Miss California Preteen
Pageant System:  USA National Miss
Age:  12
Zodiac sign:  Taurus
Hobbies:   Cheer, tumbling, community service
Platform:  Crown CARES, Any Soldier Inc.
Years competed:  2013-current
Likes:  cheering, board games, family and friends time
Dislikes:  bullies

World Class Princess Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.
I feel very blessed to be the first ever USA National Miss California Preteen!  I will be starting middle school after the summer and I love cheerleading, dancing, and am a super fan of Michael Jackson.  I am a flyer on my cheer team, and my favorite thing about being a cheerleader is motivating the football players, crowds, and competing regionally and nationally.  My personal motto that I have adapted and I share with others is to “never give up on the things you love”.

World Class Princess Magazine: Tell us about your platform.
My platforms are Crown CARES and Any Soldier Inc.  Crown CARES (Creating A Respectful Environment in Schools) is the USA National Miss platform, which is very dear to my heart.  Crown CARES is a program designed to raise awareness of positive social behaviors, bullying and harassment prevention, and to give practical solutions to combat the epidemic of bullying in schools.  The Any Soldier Inc. is an organization that provides a way for deployed Soldiers who don’t get much mail to receive letters and care packages from caring patriots.  Through the Any Soldier website, you can research Soldiers and units who would like to get mail and care packages with supplies they may not have access to.  Both of my parents are veterans and I would want someone to help take care of them if they were deployed, so it is a very rewarding feeling for me to shop for and make customized care packages for other Soldiers fighting for our freedoms.

World Class Princess Magazine: Tell us about your volunteering efforts.
As a state queen, I have been working hard to increase my presence in my community and raise awareness of the Crown CARES and anti-bullying efforts.  I have donated items to local senior residence homes, volunteered at my church’s nursery, attended an anti-bullying festival, baked cookies for Soldiers and local police officers, and I am working on a partnership with my city Mayor to start a local anti-bullying campaign.

World Class Princess Magazine: How did volunteering help your life?
Helping others makes me feel happy.  Doing service in my community means that I am giving back and being a part of something much bigger than just myself and my own wants and needs, and it helps me achieve my goal of being a role model to others.

World Class Princess Magazine: Tell us about your pageant history.
I began competing in pageants when I was 8 years old. I thought it would be a fun experience and wanted to see what all of the glamour was like.  I quickly learned that competing in pageantry actually challenged me and began to make me a better version of myself.  I learned how to do so many new things, and I improved my communication and social skills so much by competing. I won my first state title with USA National Miss this year.  I worked very hard to win this state title and I think it was my time and the right system for me.  I am so excited that I will be competing in July for the title of USA National Preteen.

World Class Princess Magazine:  To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about?
USA National Miss is one of the fastest growing pageant systems in the country. It is a fashion forward organization that has the philosophy that each girl is more than a number, a fact proven in no contestant numbers allowed in any of the UNM pageants. Our founder and national director, Mrs. Jackie Watson, makes it her personal mission to know every state queen by name!  The USA National Miss core values are positive pageantry, a belief in excellence, and a deep-rooted love of God.

World Class Princess Magazine: What made you decide to compete for your title?
I competed for USA National Miss California to continue to challenge myself, be a better communicator and help me towards my goals of becoming a role model.  USA National Miss was the right system for me because of faith in God being so prominent, the integrity of the system, and how involved and supportive each staff member and queen are with each other.

World Class Princess Magazine:  What are you being judged on during the competition?
The required competitions for USA National Miss are interview, runway, and evening gown.  UNM interview is different from other systems as their interview for preteen contestants and up is panel style.  The runway competition is a runway style fashion show where judges are looking at modeling, personality and unique sense of fashion.  Evening gown is judged on grace, poise and elegance.

World Class Princess Magazine: What inspired you to do your first pageant?
Wanting to do something fun and different inspired me to try pageants.  It seemed like something that I wanted to be a part of, and boy was I right. I didn’t know what they were all about at the time, but it’s one of the best things I did for myself.

World Class Princess Magazine: What are some of you achievements?
My cheer team won first place in every competition in our state that we attended this last season, including our league grand champion title. We went to Las Vegas and placed 2nd in the nation.  Being a part of a team makes me feel good, we all rely on each other to do well.  I recently won a scholar athlete award for academic achievement during cheer season, and I have many medals and trophies from different pageant competitions and optionals for talent, photogenic and many others.  My greatest personal achievement so far has been winning my state title with UNM and the service I have started with my title.

World Class Princess Magazine: What are some of the appearances that you’ve done?
My favorite appearance was an anti-bullying festival.  It was a special event for me first because I was supporting the pageant platform, and also because my sister queens and our national director, Mrs. Jackie Watson were there.  It isn’t often that all of my sister queens get to be together because California is such a large state and we all live pretty far apart.  So the memories we made together while doing something to raise awareness for such a great cause was invaluable.  I also really love attending other pageants and cheering on the contestants.  It is very different watching a pageant from the audience, and less stressful!

World Class Princess Magazine: Any acting or modeling achievements?
I just recently started to pursue more acting and modeling training and opportunities.  The experience that pageantry has given me that will help me work towards these goals has been a blessing.  During UNM nationals, world renowned runway coach, Grace Fontecha will be present and I am thrilled to be able to attend her runway workshop and a private session!

World Class Princess Magazine: How does education play a role in your life?
Education is important in my life because I want to be known for being a great person and an intelligent girl.  It is important to be both smart and beautiful on the inside.  Pageantry is not all about looks, like many people might think.  What I have to offer on the inside and how I use my education to improve my life will allow me to do more for my community and myself.  Being educated, smart and beautiful on the inside will help me spread the image of positive pageantry to the world.

World Class Princess Magazine: Tell us about your evening gown?
My evening gown that I will be wearing for nationals makes me feel special because the color is unique.  It’s not a color that many girls choose.  I like to stand out and be different, I always want to be extraordinary.  I love gowns that make me feel like a princess.

World Class Princess Magazine:  What is your onstage strategy to win the judges over?
My strategy is to be confident and true to who I am.

World Class Princess Magazine: What makes you stand out from all those other beautiful girls?
I believe that I stand out because I am genuine.  Nothing about me is cookie cutter or for show.  Some pageant systems seem to choose the same type of girl every year.  I am a very different girl, and I love being me.

World Class Princess Magazine: How did it feel to hear your name as the winner?
I felt surprised, because I had tough competition.  I worked so hard and this was the first pageant that I really 100% let loose and didn’t hold back or let my nerves get the best of me.  I was overwhelmed with joy to be the first USA National Miss preteen titleholder in my state.

World Class Princess Magazine:  What does the crown and sash symbolizes to you?
The crown and sash makes me feel unique because I am a representative of my state.  It means that I have people’s attention, and it’s a big responsibility to use that attention in a way that shines a positive light on pageantry, and represents myself, USA National Miss, and my family in the best way possible.

World Class Princess Magazine: What does it mean to you to be a Beauty Queen?
I don’t consider myself a “beauty” queen because many pageants are moving away from being all about physical appearance.  Being a queen is about having self-confidence, using my title to open doors in community service and making a difference in people’s lives.

World Class Princess Magazine: Competing in pageants is not always easy. What were some of your obstacles and how did you overcame them?
The interview competition was an obstacle for me because I was naturally very shy.  I overcame this by pushing myself out of my comfort zone by meeting new people and practicing in front of different family and friends.  Now interview has become my favorite phase of competition, because I get to meet the judges and tell them all about myself and why they should choose me.  It’s my only chance to verbally communicate with them, so I want to make a lasting impression on them with the short amount of time I have. Another difficult part of competing in pageants is super-fast outfit changes!  I have overcame this by being more organized with my wardrobe and accessories.  All of my accessories and products I will need get put in ziplock baggies, and I keep my gowns and shoes in a garment bag nice and neat.  My mom helps me out a lot with this still, and it definitely helps not being so rushed backstage during preliminaries and finale.

World Class Princess Magazine: How did competing in pageants help your life?
Competing in pageants has really improved my communication skills, and helped me to be comfortable when put outside of my comfort zone.  I am not afraid to meet new people now, and my improved public speaking skills have really helped me in school.

World Class Princess Magazine: You are an inspiration to all the girls out there.  How does it feel?
Overwhelming.  I know if I make a wrong move that people are watching me, and I don’t want to let anyone down. I want people to know that I am reliable and I will help any girls that want to achieve their own personal goals, the way that I have received help and pushed to achieve mine.

World Class Princess Magazine: What are your plans for 2017/18 as a Queen?
More community service!  I hope to have a successful anti-bullying campaign, and I will be writing even more cards and sending care packages to deployed service members through the Any Soldier organization.  I also want to attend more pageants as visiting royalty to help support other girls, and use every opportunity I can to reach others in a positive way.

World Class Princess Magazine:  What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
I want to leave behind a legacy as a queen who made a serious impact on showing the world positive pageantry.  I want to be remembered as being a true UNM girl; kind, compassionate, gentle, patient and humble (COL 3:12).

World Class Princess Magazine would like to say thank you to Georgia Guillory USA National Miss California Preteen 2017 for this amazing interview!

If you are interested in becoming our Cover Girl email us for details.

Owner/ Editor-In Chief Derek Tokarzewski

Derek Tokarzewski, Owner of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

Georgia Danielle Guillory, 2017 Miss California Preteen, World Class Princess Magazine, 04
Georgia Danielle Guillory, 2017 Miss California Preteen, World Class Princess Magazine
Georgia Danielle Guillory, 2017 Miss California Preteen, World Class Princess Magazine
Georgia Danielle Guillory, 2017 Miss California Preteen, World Class Princess Magazine

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